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January 25, 2021

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Home Schooling and the importance of Digital Education Management

by Cäcilie Lotz


One of the top five hashtags used on LinkedIn and Instagram these past months has been #homeschooling.Parents and teachers all over the world are evaluating best practice solutions for education at home and struggling with the new set up.The workforce has been adapted to virtual advanced trainings, virtual meetings and digital project management tools to have the possibility to work from anywhere anytime.

But our children haven’t. Personal, individual and direct communication is key when it comes to sustainable social education and development. The pandemic has raised the importance of a functioning digital and remote one to one education system for early childhood education centers. It is crucial to implement digital tools, educational ressources and a relevant curriculum for educators to continue their crucial input to a child’s development.

In a regular educational environment, a familiar face is invaluable for encouraging child participation, and social development. We try and replicate this as much as possible within a digital platform. Kinderjahre has developed an Online Learning Platform PAIGE (Platform for Advanced Integrated and Global Education) for a personalized and innovative educational solution. Teachers and parents stay connected through virtual learning lessons and on demand educational ressources for parents at home.This has a proven effect on motivation and flexibility for parents in their home office set ups if their child is enrolled in one of our partner facilities. PAIGE has been stated as an „innovative learning tool“ by 78% of the parents and a „major support in order of management of work and family at home“ by 76 % ( Kinderjahre Study, 2020). The implementation of a remote on demand education tool at early childhood education centers has been stated by 93% of the teachers as: highly important for the individual social development of children aged one to seven years old (Kinderjahre Study, 2020).

Our mission is to educate, consult and empower parents and children.