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February 01, 2021

Parenting Homeoffice Hacks KinderJahre

Parenting Homeoffice Hacks

by Cäcilie Lotz


Homeoffice versus Kidsclub?

For all its difficulties the pandemic has brought a lot of families closer together. Parents with children are faced with new challenges due to crisis related school closures. The predicament of having children #athome combined with a responsibility to teach them whilst also juggling one‘s personal job requirements, meetings and calls on the agenda is undeniable.
We have talked to a couple of parents at home, facing the deep challenge of mastering work and childcare at home and here’s their top insights and lifehacks to „survive“:
? Write To Do lists the night before to maintain a structure which suits your schedule – and your kids at home‘s schedule.
??? Make use of digital educational resources to ensure your child‘s development
?? You Are lacking enough devices to ensure digital learning methods ? Engage your employer and point out the positive effects of Digital Tool Leasing for all employees and their families.
? Divide your long breaks into small and continuous pauses, in which you set your calendar, mails and calls on „BRB“ mode to ensure this time for yourself and your family 
? Are you able to work flexibly? Choose your timeslots wisely based up your family’s daily structure, spend quality time together in the evenings instead of during lunchtime, for example.
? Use the Weekends to fully recharge and spend time with the family. Take long walks, spend time outside, enjoy the upcoming spring and summer moments. Oxygen is a major energy source for our brain.
???? Try to switch in between tasks with your partner and spend your “time off” with little treasures. 10 minutes a day can already be enough time for a short meditation or Push Ups …
Last but not least : 
??? Use the time together with your children to nourish your mind ( and your immune systeme). Cooking together brings joy and relieves stress. Make sure to include all relevant vitamins within your daily nutrition plans.