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April 30, 2021

Shifting Gender Roles KinderJahre

How to turn the challenges of shifting gender role models into opportunities

by Kinderjahre


Traditional gender models of family care are shifting fast. No longer are mothers universally expected to do all the parenting work on their own – more and more fathers are involved in care work as well. At the same time, many women feel increasingly empowered at the workplace and are following through with their career plans. For employers, these developments hold many challenges, but also promising opportunities. Research shows that employees who feel that available role models at the workplace are in line with both personal and societal “attitudes, values, and goals” are likely to display higher levels of commitment and satisfaction (Gibson/Barron 2003: 198). If you as an employer want to build on these insights to make the most out of shifting gender role models, two strategies are key.

Strategy 1: Improving childcare offers

More woman empowerment both in society as a whole and at the workplace leads to higher demand for childcare offers – the logical outcome of an increasing number of women deciding that career and maternity do not have to be mutually exclusive. Hence, offering assistance with childcare, either directly at the workplace or in collaboration with external organizations, can help to keep up with ongoing shifts concerning gender role models. Here, Kinderjahre can play a decisive role in linking your organization with available care offers through our extensive network.

Strategy 2: Promoting visible female role models

Shifting gender role models pose an enormous opportunity for any enterprise because they may bring female talent to the forefront that has been slumbering in the patriarchic dark for too long. If you as an employer care about the long-term success of your company, your job is to promote this potential in every possible way. One way to achieve this is to put a spotlight on successful women. This may have a huge impact on company culture as a whole (Kaiser 2019). Another way is to include more women in top-tier teams. According to a survey in the US tech industry, many women in management positions agree that a higher share of female leaders will improve any company’s chances of long-term success (Pluralsight n. d.). Concerning the implementation of these strategies, Kinderjahre can assist you with expertise and years of experience – to make the right decisions at the right time.