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27 May, 2021

Sustainable Outdoor Activities KinderJahre

Three sustainable outdoor activities to enjoy with young children

by Kinderjahre


Building a more sustainable future starts with children. What matters most is making them aware of the importance of sustainability in daily life. In reaching that goal, early childhood education plays a vital role. Luckily, teaching young children about sustainability is far from dry and boring – that’s what the following outdoor activities make clear.

Activity 1: Create your own garden!

Little is more sustainable than planting your own garden – no matter if your beds and patches are located on your own little balcony or are part of a community garden project in your neighborhood. Including children in the process of creating a garden is a both fun and valuable way to pass on knowledge about the importance of healthy food and taking care of our environment. If you’re working for an organization that wants to support working parents, why not ask for the possibility of starting a small garden project at the company site? This may also be a great way of stimulating exchange between employees and raising awareness for issues such as sustainability and early childhood education.

Activity 2: Compost!

If you’re lacking opportunities to create a full-grown vegetable garden with your children, you might still want to show them a thing or two about sustainable cultivation. Concerning this, teaching your children about composting is a great way to start. All you need is an empty bottle, soil, and compostable ingredients. After filling up the bottle, you and your kids just need to wait and watch – and add a little water from time to time to keep it damp. This hands-on experiment might be easily included at your child’s education facility as well.

Activity 3: Go outside for a hike!

Teaching children about sustainability often starts with making them appreciate their surroundings more. Sometimes this can result from something as easy as taking them for an extended walk, no matter if it’s through a nature reserve close to you or to the next park or recreational area. Sustainability in early childhood education is of utmost importance to you? You are looking for an education facility that fits? Do you want to stimulate meaningful changes at the organization your child attends? Then Kinderjahre can be a great place to start. We will be happy to assist you with our far-reaching network and years of experience.