Company childcare for businesses of all sizes: we consult with you on your childcare needs and devise solutions, from reserving places at a partner daycare center to setting up one of your own. We arrange everything needed to get things going and then look after the management and operations.

Childcare works

92% of employees in family-friendly companies would recommend their employer without reservation. In contrast, this figure is only 22% for companies that do not offer childcare benefits.

Company childcare is a valuable tool in recruiting and retaining employees for businesses that want to create high-performing teams. It reduces downtime and sick leave while increasing motivation and productivity a win-win solution for you and your workforce.

We plan and design daycare facilities on behalf of businesses and look after their day-to-day operation. This includes dealing with the financial and legal aspects, as well as hiring qualified staff.

We analyze the specific needs of your company and develop the solution that’s right for you, from arranging allocated places or sessions to setting up a daycare center on your premises.

  • Needs & feasibility analysis
  • Defining the requirements:
    – spatial requirements
    – personnel requirements
    – educational requirements
    – company-specific requirements
    of your company
  • Educational concept
  • Design and furnishing
  • Procure play & learning material
  • Personalplanung
  • All-in-one, no worries organization
  • Personnel management
  • Administrative services
  • Pedagogy and education
  • Quality monitoring